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Acting Work



Spotlight CV & Showreel

Full CV and links to work


Comedy series on BBC Wales (2021)

'Welsh & Living in England?'

Sketch with BBC Sesh (2019)



Screen credits

'Go On, Say Something in Welsh'

Sketch with BBC Sesh (2021)

'Living at Home with Your Parents'

Sketch with BBC Sesh (2020)

Recent credits include playing Spoons in 'Vandullz', a sitcom for BBC Wales, and Louisa Ross in 'Father Brown' for the BBC.


Showreel and a full list of stage and screen credits can be found via Spotlight (above).



of previous acting work


"There are endearing performances, too, especially from Bethan Leyshon as too-keen fan Spoons – who, in the second episode, does a wonderfully bonkers audition for the band."

For 'Vandullz', 2021

I Wish I Was Clean

"Bethan Leyshon gives a stand-out performance[...] I am utterly convinced by Leyshon's extremely naturalistic and tender performance."

For 'I Wish I Was Clean', 2021

Sarah Hughes Small.jpg

"The acting is uniformly excellent, although certain actors stand out as particularly impressive... the most impressive performance was surely Bethan Leyshon as the widow’s companion."

For 'The Silhouette and the Smoke', 2018-2019.

Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 17.34.00.png

"Really powerful. [...] the fear Bethan projects makes us feel like we can see and hear everything she can."

For 'Rachel', 2020.


"...a truly engaging performance, one of those that leaves its mark on the audience as they exit the house."

For '18-22, Attractive, Insecure', 2017.

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